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From employee wellness to lunch-and-learns, I can tailor any presentation to fit the needs of the audience.  With a world of trendy misinformation, a Registered Dietitian can provide evidence-based health, wellness and nutrition knowledge and make it applicable to everyday living and eating. I love engaging with the audience, and I pride on making various nutrition topics easy to understand for the public. My passion for nutrition shows throughout each presentation, empowering individuals to want to change their lives for the better.


I teach cooking classes in person and virtually. Cooking a healthy meal should not be hard or expensive. I provide an array of different cooking classes. Cooking classes are for participants to watch and learn.

Virtual cooking classes are great to bring a group that lives all over- together! Virtual cooking classes are provided through Zoom and I interact with my audience throughout the whole experience. 



Do you have a food product that you want included in new recipes or have existing recipes that need an innovative upgrade to make them healthier? Lowcountry Nutrition can help with your recipe development needs.

  •  Unique and original recipe development using your company’s product

  •  Recipe modifications, healthier ingredient substitutions

  •  Allergy free recipes

  •  Individuals with specific health or dietary concerns

  •  Illnesses such Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol 

  •  Low fat, low carb, gluten free, sugar free, vegetarian, and vegan

Healthy Food


Lowcountry Nutrition is available to consult with your company on a

variety of food, nutrition, wellness and fitness related projects. Caitlin

can help you and your business create wellness programs, seminars and

workshops, one-on-one coaching programs and more. All packages are

customized to meet the needs of your employees and company culture.

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