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Hi there - I am Caitlin Lewis, a Registered Dietitian, mother, wife, chef and a lover of all things food. I am originally from Norfolk, Virginia but I have lived all over the country the past 15 years. I opened Lowcountry Nutrition in Bluffton, SC in 2019 but I currently live in Waco, Texas.  


I love food - I love cooking it, and I love eating it. My kitchen is where you will find me in my free time. I love trying new recipes and sharing my food with my friends and family. Perhaps it’s no surprise, I went to Johnson & Wales to get my degree in Culinary Arts. Once I completed that, I wanted to learn more. Health has always been another passion of mine. I loved making healthy food delicious.  I went back to Johnson & Wales and got a second degree in Culinary Nutrition. I felt the best way to blend all of my previous knowledge was to become a dietitian. I completed my Master’s degree in Health and Human Performance during my dietetic internship at McNeese State University. Throughout my education and professional experience, I have learned that eating healthy doesn't have to be hard, expensive or time consuming.

When I think of the word diet, I think of something temporary. What I focus on is not dieting, but making simple changes here and there that are sustainable.  I love teaching people simple tips and tricks that makes adopting a healthier lifestyle easy. I create quick recipes that are ready in no time so that cooking fresh nutritious meals does not seem daunting and overwhelming. 

I created this business to teach people that eating healthy is not as hard as it seems. I provide a variety of different services that you can find here

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